Comic-Book and Documentary: “The Secret of the 5 Powers”!

IFOR is glad to communicate that the comic book “The Secret of the 5 Powers”, by Peace is the Way Films has been published! Congratulations to IFOR friends Gregory Kennedy-Salemi, Stuart Jolley, Erich Tiefenbach!

The book tells the story of three courageous individuals who devoted their lives to peace and nonviolence: Thich “One Action” Nhat Hanh and Sister “True Emptiness” Chan Khong, Vietnamese peace activists and Zen Masters who used the sacred 5 powers of Faith, Diligence, Mindfulness, Concentration, and Insight to combat violence and destruction,  and Alfred Hassler, executive secretary of the United States Fellowship and pioneer in the environmental movement. Alfred Hassler was the father of Laura Hassler, coordinator of Musicians Without Borders (MWB), an NGO that works for peace through music. MWB was born with IFOR support and, since its foundation, has its offices in IFOR building in Alkmaar.

Besides the book also a documentary will be created: it will weave comic book animation, contemporary and historic footage that follows the lives of the three pacifists.

Watch the trailer of "The Secret of the 5 Powers":


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