The preparatory committee for the celebrations of the 100 years of life of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation met again in Konstanz on Saturday 23 March 2013.

Among the many topics debated, which you can find in the minutes of the meeting attached, particular attention was given to the organization of an interfaith celebration.


While the civil war in Syria brings news of horror to the worldwide community every day, Syrian activists who strongly believe in the principle of nonviolence struggle to find a stronger ground and a louder voice in the conflict resolution process. Activists from inside the country want to raise awareness to the fact that indeed, even in the midst of the horrors of war, a nonviolent path is an option that exists and that is in strong need of supporters.

Job Opportunity at FOR SCOTLAND


The Fellowship of Reconciliation Scotland recently received a donation to fund the work of a Development Worker.



An important opportunity of cooperation coming from our friends of the Fellowship of Reconciliation in the United States is up in the air.

In a letter coming from the Executive Director Mark Johnson, it is requested to every European branch to consider the possibility of being part of the accompaniment project in Colombia through “nominating and supporting a volunteer to a term of service as a part of a team for one year”.



Last month, when hearing about Chantal Razafindravony’s sudden illness that ultimately lead to her death, her friends within the IFOR network were quick to offer their help and support. As companions in the struggle for a nonviolent and just world, we try to take care of each other.