IFOR Delivers Statement to UN Committee on Nuclear Disarmament

Open-ended working group taking forward nuclear disarmament negotiations.

Delivered by Michel Monod

Palais des Nations 22-26 February 2016

Mister Chairman,

In view of the monstrous consequences for humanity and the whole life on earth due to nuclear explosion IFOR urges for a ban on all nuclear weapons including possession, prohibition of use and final elimination of such weapons. It is the responsibility of all nuclear states to abandon the manufacturing and development of nuclear weapons, which may endanger their own population. In order to achieve these aims we recommend first an international treaty for a prohibition of use of such weapons then a comprehensive convention on nuclear weapons for a total elimination.

We have heard the reluctance of nuclear states to get rid of their weapons under the pretense of security unless some measures of confidence have been brought upon step by step. NGOs have seen that this process of step by step on a global commitment has made no progress whatsoever. Therefore the first Open Ended Working Group on Nuclear Disarmament has proposed a framework for nuclear disarmament including building blocks independent from one another. Each state could adopt and apply those blocks in a unilateral manner in order to bring confidence: Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, Fissile Material Cut Off, Negative Assurances not to be attacked with nuclear weapons, No Outer Space Nuclear weapons. Nuclear Free Zones. Those building blocks are like pillars rising up in order to support a bridge connecting nations for a total elimination of nuclear weapons by a comprehensive convention.

This work will take time and in the meanwhile the Non Nuclear States could obtain a ban treaty of the use and threat of use of such weapons. This will be like a provisional gangway, a footbridge during the work waiting for the achievement of the main bridge.

Then we expect to avoid nuclear violence on earth. Gandhi knew about atomic bombs. He said «peace is the aim nonviolence is the way» He proposed an alternative to violence. As NGOs we remind governments that for the sake of security there is always the possibility when a conflict arises between states to settle disputes with peaceful negotiations using nonviolent conflict resolution methods and mitigation process provided by UN agencies at their disposal.

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