Sign Petition: Help Rios Vivos conserve important territories under environmental threat in Colombia

Rios Vivos,, is a movement in Colombia dedicated to the defense of the environment and territory in areas affected by mega dam projects, such as Hidroituango, and also other environmental threats such as mega-mining projects. Rios VIvos denounces serious irreparable environmental damage and human rights violations.

As it stands their leadership is being targeted. Read more about it here (

At this moment no state institution is capable of saying whether the project Hidroituango is stable or not (the project has been built on active geological areas)

Since significant financing for this project comes from the Interamerican Development Bank, Rios Vivos are petitioning the IDB to open an investigation, read about it here. (

The state environmental licensing entity has already fined the company constructing the dam for doing constructions beyond what they are licenced to do, but further investigation is required to hold people accountable. Independent geologists have determined that the mega-project is built on unstable geological formations putting thousands of people at risk and ushering a serious environmental threat.

Please help Rios Vivos to protect the environment by signing this petition, urging the IDB to start an investigation. Every vote helps.