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39th Session of the UNESCO General Conference


IFOR's representatives to UNESCO participated in the 39th General Conference, held in Paris 30 October - 14 November 2017. The resolutions of the General Conference have just been published in January, 2018. 

During the General Conference, IFOR's Main Representative to UNESCO, Maria Antonietta Malleo, delivered a much appreciated speech where she called called upon the global community to invest in peace building. Assessing the conditions of the world today, she said our priorities must be to: 

  1. Move towards institutionalization of peace and human rights education.
  2. Confront the cultural aspects of contemporary violence.
  3. Implement knowledge-sharing on theory and practice of nonviolent conflict resolution
  4. Denounce a widening international trend to the criminalization of humanitarian action

To read the full text of her speech click here.