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Please consider donating to the International Fellowship of Reconciliation.

For more than one hundred years now there has been a global network of people supporting each others' acts of conscience against war and the violent social, political and economic conditions that contribute to war. This movement has attempted to bring people together across national, religious, and cultural boundaries not only to resist war, but to build a lasting culture of peace. The organizing, coordinating, exchange of information, and collective acts of conscience depend on the contributions of our members and those who are our allies in the movement for a more peaceful world.

Testimonial from past donors

I strongly believe that the Fellowship of Reconciliation must be an international Fellowship of like-minded people. In order to achieve such an Internationality, we need a strong and active organization. Of course, this needs personal involvement but also requires funds. I feel a moral obligation to invest part of my time for IFOR and donate money for the operational expenditure. I can only encourage others to do the same to help finance an organization that for 100 years is working to overcome violence and whose members have achieved magnificent things.
— Volker Grotefeld

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