1933 Impending War

The IFOR office in Vienna, Austria is shut down by the Nazis.

1940's World War II

In France, IFOR members André and Magda Trocmé, with the help of the villagers of le Chambon sur Lignon, save the lives of thousands of Jews escaping the Holocaust. In Belgium, feminist Magda Yoors Peeters defends Jewish refugees and conscientious objectors. In the USA, the FOR leads the struggle against internment of Japanese Americans.

1935 FOR & Gandhi

FOR-USA member Howard Thurman becomes the first African American to meet with Mahatma Gandhi and returns to the United States to teach others about his experience.

1949 World Pacifist Conference

The World Pacifist Conference is held at Shantiniketan and Sevagram, India. IFOR members in attendance include George Paine of the U.S.A., Manilal Gandhi of South Africa, Mildred Fahrni of Canada, Herberto Sein of Mexico, Andre and Magda Trocmé from France. The members present supported the establishment of an FOR in India.

Muriel Lester and Acharya KK Chandy traveled throughout India representing IFOR and convened a conference at Christavashram, Manganam, Kottayam, Kerala from Nov 28 to December 2, 1950. This Conference was presided over by Muriel Lester and had delegates like Dr. JC Kumarapp, Mahatma Gandhi's associate from Sevagram, VK Cherian and Chandapillay. FOR India was born. In 1953, FOR began publishing a news magazine called ARUNODAYAM which served as the IFOR Voice in South Asia.