2001 Belgian Accountability

Jean Van Lierde testified in June 2001, before the Commission of Inquiry of the Belgian House of Representatives responsible for determining the exact circumstances and the involvement of Belgian politicians of the time in the assassination of Patrice Lumumba.

2004 Freedom of Information Request

In the USA, FOR obtains volumes of redacted records of the history of FBI Surveillance from its Freedom of Information Act Request filed in 1994.

2002 Protective Accompaniment

After awarding the Pfeffer Peace Prize to the community of San Jose de Apartado in Colombia in 1998, and following two massacre’s of the community by paramilitary forces in 2000, FOR USA is invited to partner with the community by providing a permanent protective accompaniment to the community reducing the likelihood of the community being targeted for attack.

2010 Nonviolence in Sudan

IFOR welcomes the Sudanese Organization for Nonviolence and Development into IFOR. SONAD was founded in 1994 in Khartoum at the peak of civil war. It started as an initiative of South Sudanese students among internally displaced persons. It had long been in partnership with various branches of IFOR.

After the vote of independence and the creation of South Sudan, SONAD and ONAD became two legally separate organizations limited by government and ongoing conflicts from cooperation but still connected with each other and still connected to IFOR.