Translated from original text in French

Living together in brotherhood

In recent days, Paris and Saint-Denis has been the scene of violence that has dumbstruck us. These terrorist acts were claimed by the Islamic State, which is also responsible for numerous attacks like the one against the Russian Airbus above the Sinai or the one in Beirut the day before that of Paris.

In these times marked by collective emotion at the thought of all the victims of these deadly attacks, we call to resist the fear of the other, resentment and hatred and we want to oppose all forms of amalgam or revenge that could justify and cause racist, xenophobic and anti-Muslim acts.

Fight against terrorism and their preparation must be done in compliance with the individual and collective freedoms, strengthening the cohesion of our society through greater solidarity and fraternity.

But it seems essential to break the spiral of violence. Military interventions and wars, which are based on excessive militarization and maintain the lucrative arms trade, will not bring lasting and just solution to the ongoing conflict. They will only lead to more death, destruction, refugees and bring new acts of terrorism.

Our world needs to develop a culture of non-violence and peace, of dialogue and tolerance, to strengthen democracy and social justice, and justice between peoples. It is urgent to support and empower all those who are carriers of these values o that they can take action toward their fellow citizens and their leaders. This is the best way to work for the safety of all and to take care of our lives and of all those around us.

We believe that God calls us to a disarmed love for our brothers and sisters in humanity. We call upon all believers to join us on this active nonviolence way to lay, with all the inhabitants of our planet in danger, the foundations of a world where everyone can live with dignity in an insured peace and towards an appeased future.

Paris, November 19, 2015