Press Release: A New Conversation About Migration

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 Press Release Catania, 29/10/2018 

A New Conversation About Migration led by Migrants Themselves 

„On The Move“ Conference on migration in Catania 

Human rights activists from 40 different countries will come to Catania Sicily to participate in a conversation about global migration, the challenges faced and innovative ways to address those challenges. The On The Move conference will take place November 2, and 3, 2018 in Catania, Sicily at the Palazzo della Cultura, Via Vittorio Emanuele 121, Catania, Sicily. 

The conference is hosted by the International fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR), the world’s oldest spiritual based peace organization with branches, groups and affiliates in 40 different countries around the world. Founded in 1914, IFOR has held special consultative status with UN ECOSOC since 1979. IFOR has invited speakers from around the world to share their experiences as migrants as well as organizations working to provide humanitarian relief. They come together with a desire to have a new kind of conversation about the challenges involved in the mass movements of people around the globe. 

Among international speakers the stage will be given also to Junior Nzita Nsuami, UN Ambassador for Child Soldiers (Canada); Mohamed Ba, Senegalese Artist and Activist (Milan); Ismaeel Dawood, Civil Society Desk Officer a Un Ponte Per (Iraq) among others. They will elaborate on the impact of war, climate change and global economic forces on people’s choices to leave their communities to seek safety and opportunity. 

IFOR Representatives and the Mayor of Catania will be present to welcome visitors. 

The conference is free to members of the public and representatives of the press. Members of the press are asked kindly to notify Zaira Zafarana (see contact below) of their attendance. A press conference will be held this Wednesday, October 31, 2018 at 10:30 am. 


Contact: Place of the Press Conference: 

Zaira Zafarana 

✉ Palazzo della Cultura 

☎ +39 333 467 9175 Via Vittorio Emanuele 121 Catania, Sicily