Youth Empowerment Initiative: A project of the Fellowship of Reconciliation Zimbabwe

Youth Empowerment Initiative

A project of the Fellowship of Reconciliation Zimbabwe

The economic and political environment in Zimbabwe has created a generation of unemployed youths many of whom even though qualified have no hope of ever finding employment. These youths are frustrated and some resort to drug and alcohol abuse and criminal activities.

This has led them to be taken advantage of and used as readily available tools of political and social violence.

The Fellowship of Reconciliation Zimbabwe through its Youth Empowerment Initiative project is set to empower 20 youths from 5 Youths Peace Clubs. (FOR-Zimbabwe runs Youths Peace Clubs as hubs for raising a young generation which believes in nonviolence as a way of life and a means of transformation)

The youths will be trained in specialized trades (garment making, carpentry, iron fabrication, chicken and fish farming) and will be empowered with skills in Active Nonviolence, Nonviolent Conflict Prevention, Nonviolent Conflict Resolution and Nonviolent Conflict Management over a period of 6 months.

Each Youths Peace Club has an average of 15 youths therefore close to 100 youths will directly benefit.
On full completion of the 6 months training, the youths will set up income generation projects in their respective Youths Peace Clubs and continue  Peer Nonviolence Education within their communities and within their Peace Clubs.

The project will launch in the next few weeks, if you wish to contact for further information you can do so to Makios Phiri at

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